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We are a full service immigration firm specialzing in the representation of all matters
pertaining to Canadian immigration. 
Permanent Resident


Our representation includes but is not limited to the following categories of permanent residence to Canada:


* Business Class Programs

   - Start-up Visa

* Economic Class Programs

   - Expressed Entry

   - Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

   - Federal Skilled Trade (FST)

   - Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

* Family Sponsorships

   - Spouse

   - Parents & Grandparents

   - Children and other family members




Refusals & Appeals

Representation includes matters pertaining to refusals of permanent and temporary immgiration applications filed both within and outside of Canada.


Overview of process including summaries of rulings, professional opinion and recommendations of viable options regarding the advancement of client case file and client appeal rights.


Temporary Resident


Representation includes all categories of temporary residence visa (TRV) applications to Canada


* Visitor (including Business Visa)

* Study

* Work (all categories)

* Labour Market Opinions

* Travel Visas (single multiple entry)

* Super Visas (Parent and Grandparent)

* TRV Extensions

* Temporary Resident Permits

* Criminal Rehabilitation


Nominee Programs

Our firm has extensive experience in the representation of client matters in relation to provincial nominee programs offered across Canada by select provinces and territories.


Representation includes both business and strategic occupation as well as international student categories.

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